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Dare to be Different Event

Yesterday I was a guest at Susie Wolff's Dare to be Different launch in Germany. Dare to be Different is a non-profit organisation aimed to inspire, connect and celebrate woman who work in every aspect of motorsport. It was such a rewarding day meeting over 100 motivated young school girls and being able to show them all the different sides to motorsport.

I was invited to the event to participate as a 'Racing Role Model' with 2 other racing drivers - Sophia Floersch and Vivian Keszthelyi. Sophia has been competing in ADAC Formula 4 this season whilst Vivian has been driving in the Audi TT Cup Championship. Our job throughout the day was to talk with the girls, show them what it's like to be a racing driver and hopefully inspire them to become involved with motorsport in whatever way most interested them.

The day was organised so the girls had the opportunity to participate in various activities including go-karting, a mini pitstop challenge, CPR, fitness challenges, interview training and they even had the chance to work together and build a hover board.

All of the girls were super enthusiastic and excited to be there which was amazing to see, they asked us so many questions, made us sign their shirts, posters and even helmets!

To be involved with such a passionate organisation like Dare to be Different is extremely rewarding and something I am proud of. To be able to start such an initiative to get more girls involved in such a great sport is exactly what needs to be done. As I saw during the day, the more the girls learnt about the sport, the more they became interested and you could see the spark starting to ignite. It really is just a statistics game as the more girls that become involved in the grassroots of motorsport, the more we will see at the elite levels. I bet we will be seeing some of these little legends at a racetrack sometime in the future!