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A Female Racing Driver’s Opinion of the Grid Girls Ban

As everyone has seen in the media over the past couple of weeks there has been some quite heated discussions over the FIA’s banning of grid girls from Formula 1. I usually stay out of debates like this and I know I am a little late to the discussion but I have been getting a lot of people asking me my opinion on the ban so I thought I would write a quick blog to share my thoughts on it all.

I honestly don’t have a lot to write because I stand with the fact that I think banning grid girls was the wrong decision. These women choose to do it, and the ones I have spoken too – love it. It is their job and a lot of them continue on to make careers out of it in other avenues like modelling. I’ve seen comments saying “I don’t think grid girls is treating ladies with respect”, why? Because you’re not giving them the same amount of respect? It really is quite simple, they are there to do their job – the degrading comments and objectification doesn’t come from the grid girls, but I’m sure you could answer who it does come from.

I respect and understand the amount of effort they put towards their health & fitness to be in the best shape possible for their job. I respect the clients and companies they represent and I respect the fact as another woman trying to pursue my own goals and ambitions that I have no right to take it away from someone else.

I have also heard crazy comments saying that the grid girl ban will now make the pathway easier for woman racing drivers? In no way whatsoever has a grid girl ever been a hurdle in my racing career. I have definitely got many other things to worry about!

As a racing driver, I want to be respected for my passion, dedication and talent over my looks and I like to portray myself that way because that is what’s most important to me. Everyone’s different.

We have a freedom of choice, we should be supporting that and not taking it away.

Again, hard work does not have a gender.