• Caitlin

2017. Well, what a year.

Not only on track but also off it. It was my second year living across the other side of the world in Germany. I always get asked the question of ‘do you like living there?’ and every time I say ‘Yes!’. The friends I made from the team have now become family which is more than I could of ever asked for. Germany is a completely different culture to what I have grown up around with a very different scenery that I fell in love with. I grew up near the coast of Aus so I have always loved the beach but the mountains are definitely something else.

(With Naomi - my roommate, fellow racing driver & best friend)

Living on this side of the world was something I really appreciated and enjoyed a lot! I was based 10 minutes from the Reiter Engineering workshop in a little village called Laufen which is right on the border of Germany/Austria and only 20 minutes from Salzburg. The biggest problem I had was the language barrier and trying to learn German, languages are not my forte so at first I always bought the wrong things at the grocery store but I eventually got the hang of it!

On track it was a difficult learning curve with hard lessons, snippets of potential but bucketloads of experience. My highlight was definitely our silver cup podium at our first round in Misano, it was a great way to begin the year. I never thought 2 years ago that it would be possible for me to race in Europe let alone in a Lamborghini in the Blancpain GT Series with some of the best drivers in the world so it was definitely special for me to score a podium. Unfortunately there wasn’t much to come after this due to the incidents throughout the year but we always kept pushing to make the most out of the opportunity.

(On the pre-grid at Barceonla - You couldn't wipe the smile off my face)

However there was always something going on in Reiter’s workshop which made my year super interesting as I got to travel along with them to all of their GT4 races and just help out wherever they needed me whether that was scraping tyres, clocking drivers lap times or driving clients around. I was also lucky enough to work with both Reiter and KTM doing roll outs of the cars and some development testing with the KTM X-BOW GT4 throughout the year which was really interesting.

Overall, it was a crazy year and journey that I don’t plan to end here. Right now I am in preparation for 2018 with the goal of getting myself back in Europe. Offseason training is in full swing with lots of gym sessions, cycling, running and swimming all being incorporated into my regime. There is an uncertainty of exactly where I will be for the upcoming season due to budget reasons but I will always keep pushing to keep the momentum going and prove that I do belong here. We have locked in the Bathurst 12 Hour as our first race of 2018 in the KTM X-BOW GT4 so eyes are fully focused to hitting the mountain for the first time – I can’t wait, bring it on!

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